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WhatsApp Invoices & Outstanding:

You can send invoices and outstanding on WhatsApp to your customers through C-TRON Erp.

SMS Alert :

Alert your customers with text messages. You can send Bill details and Outstanding and much more.

E-Mail Invoices and Statement :

Send E-mail alert to your customer.

Weighing Scale Attachment :

For some business it is required to connect Weighing Scale Machine to Computer. C-TRON can takes data from weighing scale machine to Atomization in billing and reporting.

Language Support :

Multiple language can be use in C-TRON Software.(Marathi, Hindi, English)

Data Import- export :

You can export C-TRON data to other software and other software data can be imported in C-TRON software.

Barcode Support :

Barcode can easily generated in software. This decreases your billing time. Readymade barcode also supports and use in C-TRON software.

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