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Plywood And Furniture

Easy Billing :- You can easily create your invoices. This reduce your error of your manual billing. It saves your time by 50% with accuracy.
Accounting :-  You can maintain your all Accounting things like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss report and many more reports of Accounting reports.
Carpenter Commission System :- You can easily maintain your Carpenter Commission. This system total works automatically. This system shows you how much Commission you should give Carpenter.

Multiple unit Stock Management :- You can maintain your all stock

  • Sq.ft wise Stock :- You can easily maintain your Plywood stock in sq.ft and sheets
  • Sq.inches wise stock :- You can easily maintain your Doors stock which measures in sq.inches and also in qty also.
  • Running feet wise stock :- You've some products which can be sale in running feet (unit). You can maintain stock of this products also
  • Kg, Pcs, Qty :- You can easily maintain all this unit stock.

WhatsApp Bills & Outstanding :- Send Invoices, Outstanding, Stock and Sale Analysis etc. & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through C-TRON ERP Software. You can also send Cash, Bank, Journal messages on WhatsApp.

Barcode Billing :- Print your own Barcode for your products for easy and fast billing with 100% accuracy and error-free.


Plywood and Hardware Store Software | Plywood and Hardware Shop Management System | Demo [Hindi]


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