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Stock Management :- Maintain your stock with various details like Size, Brand, Design No., Color and many more.

Daily Report :- Maintain your daily cash flow and multiple transactions. Track your daily profit.

Quick and Easy Billing :- Improve billing speed by 50% by barcode scanning, size, mrp, etc. Barcode system helps you to reducing customer waiting on counter.

Salesman Commision Report :- Easily generate Salesman Commision Report with multiple reports detail.

Whatsapp Bill :- Send your bills to customers on Whatsapp through C-TRON ERP.

Import Purchase :- You can import Purchase entry through excel file this saves your time.

Data Protection :- C-TRON provides you best backup security. Best backup facility.

GST Billing :- You can easily make GST invoicing also you can create Composition GST Category billing. You get GSTR reporting regarding your GST billing category. 

Other Reports :- You can check Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and many more reports.

Multiple Payment Mode(MPM) :- Best solution for customers who pay payment by using both card and cash. This MPM helps you to adjust automatic amount in specific ledger of payment mode.

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