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Steel Utensils, Plastic Items Suppliers

Barcode Support :- for easy and fast billing you can scan barcode and you can also print your own barcode for billing

Stock Reports :- Maintain your stock with multiple stock reports like 1)Item wise stock management 2)Item Barcode Number wise stock management 3)Item Company Wise stock management

Item Location :- know your product location in your shop by one click this reduce your customer waiting time at counter.

E-Way Billing :- Create your bulk E-way bill and upload bulk on E-Way bill portal.

Data Security :- Secure your backup with 3 layer backup protection system. Upload it on Google Drive

Reporting :- All types of reports available for data analysis. Sales Analysis and multiple reports.

GSTR filling :- Upload your GST reports easily on Government portal for GSTR filling

Credit Limit Balance :- Add your credit balance limit and maintain you customer's account perfectly

WhatsApp Invoice :- WhatsApp your invoiceOutstanding ,  & various entries like payement and receipt entries to customers directly on WhatsApp through C-TRON ERP Software

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