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Liquor / Wine Related Softwares

FLII Liquor Software  
Permit Auto Expiry :-
Add your Permit Holder details one time and get auto expiry of your Permit Holders.

Quick and Easy Billing :- Increase your billing speed by 50% with accuracy.

Brand Details :- Add brand with Multiple Details like Size, MRP, Company, Barcode and much more.

Billing Posting :- While sale bill posting we get many options with state  excise rule as like single date posting, no chance of double bill posting.

Billing Limit :- every permit repeats after 7 days as per Excise rule, computer allows for post every permit only 1.5 liter liquor and only 5 bottles of beer for per permit and per day, we can decide how many brands should in every bill.

Reports Related to FLII licensee :-

1.Sale and Gate Register.

2.Brand wise FLII Register.

3.Print your bills.

4.Monthly Sales Register.

5.Up wise Sale Register.

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