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Adat / Subji Mandi

Adat market features :-

1.Create Shetkari Patti 

2.Add auto Expenses in Patti

3.Generate Billing From Hisob Patti.

4.Adat Sales, Gharau Sales, Trading Sales, Billing

5.Various Market Committee reports

6.Sale and Purchase adat registers

Stock Management :- Maintain your total stock (you can also maintain multiple units) easily with 100% accuracy

Easy and Fast Billing :- Increase your billing speed and accuracy in work. 

Accounting :-  You can maintain your all Accounting things like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss report and many more reports of Accounting reports.

WhatsApp Bills & Outstanding :- Send Invoices, Outstanding, Stock and Sale Analysis etc. & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through C-TRON ERP Software. You can also send Cash, Bank, Journal messages on WhatsApp.

Language Support :- You can use software in Hindi, English, Marathi language.

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